Development and Application of JJD in Gas-assisted Pressurization

The JJD Research and Development Division has set up a project to improve the molds and process of aluminum alloy casting, and through the inert-gas-assisted pressurization, to completely solve such issues as the gas holes caused by surface sandblasting, and the shrinkage cavities created at places where the thickness of material is uneven. The Division also has filed the corresponding patent application.

The pictures show the shells of electromechanical equipment.

1. Comparison of products upon sandblasting

1) There were four products, including two that had undergone the 0.5MPA pressurization, and the other two that had not. And the comparision was made after two minutes of rolling sandblasting.


In the products that had not undergone the pressurization, gas holes were concentrated under the fins.


In the products that had undergone the gas-assisted pressurization, the sandblasting process caused no obvious gas holes, and no gas holes on the surfaces of the products

2. Comparison of cross sections of the products

Transverse sections of the products that had not undergone the pressurization


Transverse sections of the products that had undergone the pressurization


Conclusion based on the data comparison: the pressurization had brought significant improvement.


Longitudinal section of the products that had undergone the pressurization





This new process can improve not only the yield by at least 20%, but also the molding success or conformity rate of the production of shells for new-energy electromechanical equipment, as well as other light and thin-walled gravity castings that are subject to higher heat dissipation requirements or difficult to mold. The process also can replace low-pressure casting so as to increase production efficiency and save a lot of investment costs for customers.


Post time: Jun-24-2020