While many production processes may only have advanced automation, the performance criteria of a component is constantly evolving.

This is where JJD design experience and engineering capability combined to provide customers with unsurpassed service, resulting in predictable outcomes based on tried and tested collaborative working.

When a new project is first introduced to JJD, the client will provide us with a set of initial criteria often based on an existing process or an idea of how the component will be re-designed to meet new criteria.

Our experience helps us look beyond the design and manufacturing process based on the predicted life cycle of a component, providing solutions to foreseeing problems, or demonstrating alternative solution based on cast versus process.

Our success is based on a strong teamwork. At the start of every new project a dedicated team of specialists representing the key disciplines involved in the design and manufacturing process assess the feasibility of a project.

This proves values in developing design modifications or establishing the production process at the early stages, saving time and cost.

The finished product is always a result of the effort and knowledge base at the start. At the beginning of a project we provide an initial feasibility report on our recommended approach. This report includes initial drawings and specifications providing information for cost and production time scales.


● Full assessment and understanding of customer requirements
● Feasibility analysis
● Design for manufacture – CAD modeling and magma simulation
● Prototype manufacture (simulating closely to the possible the production intent)
● Manufacture of production tooling
● Project management – APQP process
● Development of production process
● Submission of samples and approval of production process – PPAP process