Design optimization

JJD is delighted to witness a design to become a product. Our design team is working closely with manufacturing and our clients to ensure a timely delivery. We have experience work cross-function in a multidiscipline environment. We always plan ahead, prepare alternative solution and align with clients for modifications. We will be responsible for the delivery with integrity in design, manufacturing and quality, eliminating variation, reducing waste cost and improving life cycle.

Working in close collaboration, JJD’ designers contribute to the feasibility of a component as follows:

● Examine costs and process feasibility
● Provide plan based on the final specifications aligned with clients
● Ensure component meets customer requirement with quality assurance
Collaborate with the tooling and prototype departments


The overall goal is to optimize design for easy manufacturing, minimize produce defects and reduce cost. A team of highly experienced engineers and utilization of the latest technology ensures that the component’s key features can be achieved by the preferred manufacturing process. Our Mathematical Modeling Software 3D Casting Simulation not only minimize component defects but simplifies the tooling in complexity and wear.